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Old Version of Silverlight

Date Released: September 5, 2007
File Size: 53.00 MB
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
License: Freeware
Operation Systems: Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Symbian OS
Category: Internet
Versions: 1.0 – 5.1
Last Updated: January 16, 2020
Silverlight is a plugin to your web browser that allows you to view all the graphics, presentations, animations, games, and audio – video clips available on web sites. You can also use the program to create websites with these features. Silverlight is Microsoft’s answer to the Flash technology and enables you to view websites created with Flash.
Silverlight is compatible with all the different web browser products used on Windows and Mac OS X computer operating systems, including Safari, Firefox, Sea Monkey, and Internet Explorer, although you may need to download a previous version of Silverlight to be compatible with older computer operating systems.
With the Silverlight plugin, you can play WMV, WMA, and MP3 media formats from all supported browsers without installing a separate media player. Silverlight offers website developers many features, tools, and options to enable you to create interactive websites. Silverlight provides features that web developers love such as content indexing, a single runtime environment, and content that search engines can search and index. You can create gadgets for the Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista using Silverlight.
The previous version, Silverlight 5.1, allows web developers to write the programming logic in any .NET language, including some derivatives of the most common dynamic programming languages, such as Iron Python or Iron Ruby. Most users prefer Silverlight 5.1, as it offers all the features you need to both view and develop animated and interactive web pages on a stable platform.
You can store and access files within the Silverlight application and browse any file to which you have access. The files stored in Silverlight do not contain path information, so your personal security is high. You can open files stored within the program can be opened in read only, so no changes can be made to those files. If you are developing an interactive website as part of a team, you may like to use Silverlight and grant access to the files to other members of your website development team.
Silverlight is a user-friendly web browser plug in that enables users to view and create interactive web pages. With Silverlight you can view graphics, videos, games, animations, and any flash web designs through your current web browser.