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ICQ Lite

Old Versions of ICQ Lite

Date Released: February 7, 2005
File Size: 18.90 MB
Publisher: Mail.Ru
License: Freeware
Operation Systems: Microsoft Windows
Category: Chat
Versions: 1.0 – 1.302
Last Updated: December 20, 2020
ICQ Lite is a trimmed down version of the popular chat and messaging program ICQ (I Seek You), which takes up less computer resources than the full version while giving you access to all the features you really want.
With just 1.7MB to download, ICQ Lite is fast to install on your computer. The software program provides an easy to use interface, so it is easy to locate and chat to your friends online. ICQ Lite features include instant messaging and a typing indicator which shows when your online friend is typing a message.
ICQ Lite makes it easy to meet people on line with the ICQ Meet People Search Engine. The search engine makes it easy to find a person or a specific group of people using the ICQ directory listings. You can find people with similar interests to your own from all over the world.
You can send an SMS text message to a friend’s or family member’s mobile phone, even if they are not ICQ users. You can also send and receive files through ICQ Lite. ICQ Lite also includes the multilingual support for messaging and SMS in 18 languages.
One of the popular features of ICQ Lite is the ability to save your chat histories, so you can always refer back to previous conversations if you need to. You can keep records of your chats and messaging to people on line around the world.
ICQ Lite offers all the chat features the majority of users of ICQ without all the unnecessary additional features that just eat up space on your computer system. ICQ Lite is compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.
You can download old versions of ICQ Lite, including versions 1068, 1150, and 1253. Older versions of ICQ Lite are perfect to introduce friends and family to the ICQ network because the older versions have all the features but take up less space. If you just want to chat with a friend, encourage your friend to download an older version ICQ Lite.
Download an older version of ICQ Lite to get a small download software program that allows you to chat to anyone on the ICQ network online. Why clog up your computer system’s resources with features you will never use? ICQ lite offers all the chat features you do need.