Download popular, old versions of your favorite software!

The real purpose of this website

Remember when your computer just worked? We’ve got the old versions to make that possible once again. And plenty more!

We are here to offer you a free collection of old software versions. Probably you’re asking yourself why this website should be better than others ? That’s a good question and here’s why :

– we regularly update our old versions and publish the good reviews.

– we do not list all old versions as some of them seems to expose your computer to a real risk once installed on your computer.

– we don’t list shareware software ( some exceptions may occur ) as we think that we would encourage software pirates.

– we scan the software listed on this website with several antiviruses such as well the well-known Kaspersky Antivirus or Dr.Web.

– we do not store antiviruses or anti-spyware programs as this would be useless and it would expose you ( our valued visitor ) to other threats and security issues. Try to use an old antivirus program and you will see that new viruses will bypass it and still infect your computer.

– we want to build something based on quality, not quantity and perhaps we will be doing mistakes and that’s why it would be nice to drop us an email when we are doing something wrong.

Feel free to contact us, we would be glad to hear from you. The archive files are mainly created or packed by WinRar. It is a great choice for best compressing.