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Old Version of Safari

Date Released: January 7, 2003
File Size: 204.00 MB
Publisher: Apple
License: Freeware
Operation Systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS
Category: Internet
Versions: 1.0 – 13
Last Updated: January 16, 2020
Safari is a web browser program you can download with a difference. As the first browser to allow you to view the internet on a mobile device like a iPhone or an iPod, Safari offers users a safe and easy way to see internet pages. The program shows internet pages without interference, as the browser only shows a scroll bar when you need it and has the browser tabs at the very top of the page, giving you more space to see the internet page.
Safari is innovative and has a number of new features that no other web browser offers, including a built in RSS reader.
One of the popular features of Safari is the privacy protection. Private Browsing ensures Safari stops recording the sites you visit and the searches, cookies, and data in any online forms you fill out. This means you can feel safe in shopping online even from a shared or public computer. You can check bank accounts, send confidential emails, and browse the web with full security and privacy. Safari blocks cookies generated by the websites you visit, so your computer is safe at all times.
Download previous versions of Safari to get safe, secure internet with some of the fastest web page downloads available anywhere. Safari supports HTML 5 offline technology allowing web based applications to store information on your hard drive allowing you to web pages, even if your internet connection stops.
Safari supports CSS animations and your internet experience will be more interactive when you use Safari. Website developers can add stylized images, precise marks, and photos with gradients to attract attention.
Since the program is in constant development, it is actually safer to download a tested version of the program, rather than the newest version which may have some unidentified bugs included. Download a previous version of Safari to have access to all the web browsing features and fast internet downloads, without any hassles or concerns about bugs in the development of the program.
Explore the best of the World Wide Web with Safari. You can use the program to see web pages on any computer, including those using Mac operating systems and mobile devices. Safari offers secure internet browsing with great innovative and interactive features.