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Outpost Firewall

Old Version of Outpost Firewall

Date Released: February 1, 1999
File Size: 36.50 MB
Publisher: Agnitum
License: Freemium
Operation Systems: Microsoft Windows
Category: Internet
Versions: 1.0 – 9.3
Last Updated: January 20, 2020
Outpost Firewall (free version) provides computer users with a straightforward way to protect their computer from malicious attacks and the unsolicited download of information. This program filters both outgoing and incoming communication from the internet to keep harmful agencies from damaging the user’s computer.
Outpost Firewall offers the basic type of protection that most firewalls provide as well as a system that allows for the monitoring of communication on the computer. This monitoring system lets users characterize negative connections and lock down certain connections at any point.
Agnitum first released Outpost in both free and paid versions in March of 2002. Outpost never got past version 1.0.1817 of the free software, only updating a few issues of the original first version. Therefore, Version 2.0 and up are trialware.
Novice computer users may find certain aspects of Outpost difficult to manage. Outpost Firewall tends to disable all file-sharing which may not impact some people, but a considerable amount of technical knowledge is necessary to reenable file-sharing if so desired. Another issue that novices might have in dealing with the Outpost Firewall is its tendency to block access to generic process services for Windows users. Blocking these processes could lead to severely restricted internet access, but more experienced computer users should be able to avoid or reverse this problem.
Despite Outpost Firewall’s incompatibility with beginning computer users, it does offer a variety of plug-ins that can be quite useful. As the first personal firewall program to offer plug-ins, Outpost has established a strong reputation as a customizable firewall system. Plug-ins for email protection, content filtering, and intrusion detection allow users to modify the software to fit their own needs. Outpost’s open architecture system makes the program flexible and puts control of the software into the user’s hands.