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Old Version of WordPress

Date Released: May 27, 2003
File Size: 29.60 MB
Publisher: WordPress Foundation
License: Freeware
Operation Systems: Unix-like, Windows, Linux
Category: DevOps
Versions: 1.0 – 5.3.2
Last Updated: February 1, 2020
In just ten minutes from now, you can be creating your own blogs with the easy to install and easy to use WordPress software. This software is freeware and shareware, designed by hundreds of people within the global community. Downloading previous versions that the community of users have already tried and tested by the community of users makes sense.
Older versions of the WordPress software provide all the features you need to create blogs within minutes, including:
✓ Instantaneous changes: make a change on your template and the change shows immediately on your web page without the need to regenerate and code the pages.
✓ WordPress Themes: design features for blogs and complicated webzines with ease.
✓ WordPress Links:You can create and update blogrolls through one administration screen which will save time.
✓ Comments: Visitors to your website can leave comments that the administrator can enable or disable, giving you control over the interaction on your blog.
✓ Spam protection: An integrated blacklist and open proxy checker allow you to manage and eliminate the pesky comment and forum spammers who like to hijack blogs with advertising.
✓ Password protection and user registration:These tools give you options to allow people to register, maintain profiles, and leave comments on your blog. You can even make parts of your blog private and only viewable with the password.
✓ Typographical corrections: WordPress converts plain ASCII into typographically correct XHTML, allowing you to use quotation marks, apostrophes, ampersands, ellipses, and other symbols within your text without funny backslashes or errors appearing.
There are so many other features that make WordPress the ideal software program to use for your creative blogging. 5 million users worldwide have already downloaded an older version of WordPress, with Version 1.5 being the most popular. The software is still developing with more features, although the majority of users will upgrade older versions with simple plugins and extensions that make the program’s potential limitless.
People who have used other blogging tools, such as B2, Grey Matter, Moveable Type, and phpWeblog all have converted to WordPress with testimonials that suggest that WordPress is leagues ahead of the competition.
WordPress is software that makes blogging easy. It is easy to download and install on your computer and a comfortable tool to work with. Downloading an old version of WordPress is a way to make your blogs look professional, with very little effort on your side.