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Old Version of ICQ

Date Released: November 15, 1996
File Size: 284.00 MB
Publisher: Mirabilis / Mail.Ru
License: Freeware
Operation Systems: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux, Symbian, Java ME, and Web platform
Category: Chat
Versions: 1.0 – 8.1.1
Last Updated: January 25, 2020
ICQ is the first software that provides an immediate connection for the users of the Windows operating system. ICQ stands for “I Seek You” and allows users to send text messages, supports multi-user chats, provides free SMS messaging to mobiles, and gives users a searchable user directory.
One of the popular features of ICQ is its support for multiplayer online games, so you can play the same game in real time with other players across the globe. ICQ is an Instant Messenger software that allows you to use video/audio chat, send email, SMS and wireless-pager messages, as well as transfer files and URLs. ICQ also allows users to send greeting cards to friends around the world.
It is easy to find another user on the ICQ network. You simply enter the ICQ number, name, nickname, or email address of your friend and add your friend’s ICQ address to your contact list. ICQ will notify you when your friends are online, so you can chat, send instant messages, play games, or send files to each other.
Previous versions of ICQ are extremely popular, but the latest version does not have support for some of the earlier Windows operating systems, such as Windows 98, or Windows NT. Download an older version of ICQ to ensure your computer’s operating system supports ICQ. Version 5.1 introduced the ICQ phone which gives users a new, low cost way to make phone calls from your PC.
The extensive directory that allows people to seek out new friends on the internet is extremely popular. The only drawback is that some people use the ICQ network for spamming others. However, if you set up anti-spam settings on your computer, you can use the ICQ network to enjoy voice and video chats with your friends without any worries.
The previous versions give you all you need from the chat and messaging system including the ability to save your chat history and the ability to communicate with AOL and AIM users, as well as those connected to the ICQ network.
ICQ offers many features which allow users to chat online with friends around the world, as well share files, play games, and video chat. Seek out your friends on the network and ICQ will notify you when your friends are online. ICQ is a great, free, communication tool you can download today.
You can also use the web-based ICQ2Go to chat from any computer that does not have ICQ installed. You can share with your friends fun and useful applications such as music, games, gadgets and tools.