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Old Version of DOSBox

Date Released: July 22, 2002
File Size: 24.10 MB
Publisher: Peter Veenstra, Sjoerd van der Berg, Tommy Frössman, Ulf Wohlers
License: Freeware
Operation Systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, AROS, AmigaOS 4, Amiga, BeOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, MorphOS, OS/2, RISC, Solaris 10
Category: Utilities
Versions: 1.0 – 0.74-3
Last Updated: February 10, 2020
DOSBox is a free Dos emulating software that can be used to run old Dos applications on a recent Windows version. It is very easy to use and stable. DOSBox emulates a full x86 PC into your Windows operating system and also has sound support integrated. This is a great application that can be used to run your favorite old dos games.
We Scanned all DOSBox versions with several anti-viruses before adding them here.