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Old version of Defraggler

Defraggler is a free defrag software that allows its users to defrag files, folders or your entire drive. Defraggler is a intuitive program that is very easy to use even for first time users. It has a friendly interface with many useful tools. Defraggler helps you to make your computer fast again while ordering your hard-disk memory.
With Defraggler you can choose what to fragment and that makes it a very useful time saver tool because you must not wait until the whole hard-disk is fragmented. Defraggler uses the same method as Windows but is more precise. Defraggler shows the files that need fragmentation and also gives its users quick tips how to defrag quickly. With Defraggler you can set fragmentation every day, weekly or monthly. Defraggler has also many languages support. Defraggler also organizes your free space to prevent fragmentation. This is a great tool and we recommend it because it is free and it is a real time saver also.
All Defraggler versions listed have been scanned with multiple antiviruses.