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Old Version of AC3Filter

Date Released: 1 April 2002
File Size: 20.80 MB
Publisher: Alexander Vigovsky
License: Freeware
Operation Systems: Windows
Category: Media
Versions: 1.0 – 2.6.0b
Last Updated: January 17, 2020
AC3Filter is a free audio processor filter and decoder, which means it interprets the codes written into the audio files, such as .WAV files, for your computer’s operating system to be able to play the audio files properly. If you download a movie with AC3 or DTS audio tracks, you may not be able to hear the sound unless you have the AC3Filter. AC3Filter allows users to mix and create sound files.
This utility will help you to play AC3, DTS, WAV, ripped from CD’s audio files and also multichannel audio CD’s. It has a great interface with many useful features. AC3Filter can be used to encrypt your media files. AC3Filter is a great processing application that allows you to up-mix to six channels, down-mix, synchronize , adjust media files in any way, encode audio files to AC3 and many other. This is a great utility that can be useful for anyone and we recommend it.
The playback features of AC3Filter allow you to watch movies with AC3 and DTS audio tracks, listen to multi-channel audio CDs, play .WAV files with AC3 or DTS content without any conversion, and play raw .AC3 and DTS files.
You can apply settings to the AC3Filter to enable you to watch movies in noisy environments, with weak speakers, or at night, and still hear perfect sound. AC3Filter also has a time shift function, so you can synchronize the audio with video files.
You can mix any audio track with up to 6 channels, or down-mix the audio tracks with multiple-channels to match your speaker configuration. You can adjust every input and output channel in your audio and speaker system to compensate for differences in loudness between speakers or channels.
AC3Filter also enables you to transmit SPDIF output files, which almost every media player can play without further filters. This is especially useful if you want to include an audio track within your website. AC3Filter supports USB sound cards, so it easy to use the program with your current audio devices on your computer.
The AC3Filter supports multichannel output, LFE, Dynamic Range Compression (DRC), and SPDIF passthrough. You can use the filter to decode MPEG2 PES streams, and to bitstream information. The matrix mixer is a popular feature for those creating audio files.
A number of users have declared the older versions of the AC3Filter, such as version 1.40, to be a “must have” tool, so downloading previous versions of the AC3Filter is fine. Indeed, some computer operating systems, such as Windows 98, will only work with some of the older versions of the AC3Filter.
Up until version 1.20, the AC3Filter only used a reasonable 700kb of space on your computer. However, the newer versions use up to 2.7MB of your computer’s operating system resources. If space is at a premium on your computer system, it is worth downloading a previous version.
AC3Filter enables you to watch DVDs and movies through your computer and get the sound levels right. You can download previous versions of the program and start mixing and creating your audio files. Make your computer sound better with the AC3Filter.
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